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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  January 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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rosanna: were looking at the barclays center. greg: happy new year, 2016. rosanna: if you write checks that is a problem. you write 2015. greg: i am staringal a check, for the guy that opens the door in the morning, i made it 15 december. 2015. it worked.
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rosanna: why give him a check, why not a benjamin? greg: i don't walk around with cash. i buy gum with atm card. rosanna: do you feel refreshed after the vacation? i felt it was a long time. greg: i think you enjoyed every moment. rosanna: i'm happy to see you. thank you for the present by the way. thank you. my christmas present. greg: you like it? rosanna: yeah, yeah. greg: thank you for mine, you gave me a magnificent time. rosanna: this is my photo from christmas day. look at this. who does that look like? greg: do we have a close up. mr. donald trump.
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rosanna: no, i was vacationing with my family. greg: what happened? rosanna: he couldn't have been nicer. he asked about you, he really did, how you were doing and where you were. he was lovely. he brought over a singer to the family. he was really like chilled out. greg: if you have a problem with donald trump, rosanna is nonpartisan. rosanna: i ran into bill clinton. greg: and donald trump is in a twitter war with him. rosanna: some people think as you vote for hillary, you are voting for bill. we had a great time. we were in florida and had gorgeous, gorgeous weather. we stayed at the four seasons in
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palm beach. the family chilled out. that's the beach. isn't that gorgeous. we all got along. greg: one incident. rosanna: it was small. how about your vacation? greg: fantastic. in the dominican republic. rosanna: that was good weather. >> a project. rosanna: growing facial hair. what happened when you shaved? yesterday. it felt great not shaving. i highly recommend it. rosanna: how did you do with the sun tan? greg: it blocks the sun an it little bit. rosanna: you should have come in with the facial hair and we could have had a segment.
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greg: ben did that last week. rosanna: oh. greg: what else? new year's resolutions, rosanna, i understand you did damage. rosanna: i got on the scale this morning and nearly caused myself. rosanna: is that my weight? i gained five pounds. not a pretty picture. i have to say. how about you? did you get on the scale today? greg: no. i know what i look like without a shirt on. rosanna: is that you? greg: no. this is roughly what i have working here. rosanna: come on. greg: new year's resolution, this is what i'm going to do, i'm going to make it happen. no, no. yes. for once in my life, that would be an amazing feeling. rosanna: that would be amazing. that would be hot. greg: mike woods, what's your secret.
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rosanna: mike, are your abs like this? mike: it is all diet. a lot of exercise as well. the holidayin just happened. greg: you are a little bloated. mike: i know. rosanna: we have to write down the resolutions. mike: go ahead. i have to come up with something. greg: i need inspiration. rosanna, last year, what'd you ask for? rosanna: i asked for peace and quiet. greg: ha. you didn't get it. what do you want this year? rosanna: this is what i want, i would like a daily recess. greg: what does that mean? rosanna: that means every day if i don't do what i wanted to do the day before reset and do it that day. weight is one of them. greg: to do list today is good
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tomorrow? rosanna: right. patience, i need more of. that greg: all right, keep going. rosanna: and less curse words. greg: actually -- rosanna, this is the one to focus on. the profanity. rosanna: does potty talk count? greg: you could be on paris island. rosanna: weight, patience, less curted words and i have a chance coreset the next day. greg: no fooling around. rosanna: okay. let's talk about you. greg: to look like this guy. behind you. rosanna: i want it in writing with your name on it.
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how about this, less fat. less fat. oh, i got a good one, like that. okay. rosanna: g-rock down there. greg: i feel good about this one. less fat. more fat. okay. we have a plan. rosanna: mike woods, do you want to weigh in? mike, what are you going to do. you are close to perfect, but, come here mike. greg: i misspelled mike. rosanna: what is going on over there? mike: work. a man's work is never done. what do you think is good for me? greg: don't break your arm. mike: i got one good arm. rosanna: don't brag.
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mike: i don't brag, that would be duke. [laughter] rosanna: sign your name. greg: what'd you want to accomplish? [laughter] mike: let's see, this year, you know what i want to do, i want to do more audio books. does that count? greg: 2016, well, that is the best we can do. mike: that will happen. greg: more audio books. [laughter] rosanna: most people want to read more, he wants to listen more. greg: well, that the realistic. arm. carry on, mike. mike: all right. happy new year. so speaking of which, look at this gang, yes, made it out to
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thank you, everybody, we had a great time out there. i went to times square and not bad at all. i hope you had a great new year's celebration as well. to this monday morning, it is cold again. glad it wasn't like that for the times square celebration. 28 central park. 30 in belmar. 27 bridgeport. the winds coming in from the northwest 10-20 miles per hour and gusting higher. with that being the case, the wind and the colted temperatures makes it not so comfortable. it is pretty cold. we have a 22 dee realeding for you. feels like 15 in newark. 14 in bridgeport. chilly stuff is going on. again, look at what's happening out there. with the radar and the satellite, mixed guys, snow
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showers over connecticut and parts of long island and oaks effect snow happening. we have seen a few flakes of snow in the city. it should be light and in and out before you know it. we don't have all of the ingredients coming together for us. it is arctic air dumping down. that is going to keep your temperatures a little lower than normal here for the next couple of days. basically, with the futurecast, it is not showing us anything as far as snow is concerned here. this is ocean effect snow. the relatively cold air picking up the moisture from the relatively warm ocean waters and making the snow showers, it is off shore. for the land areas, mainly clear skies and colder air is coming to us here. the temperatures are coming in a little bit below normal. coming in, windy, cold and sunny
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in the morning the clouds around along with the snow flurries. up to 32. tonight the lows 3-15, 16 degrees. as we go through the next 7 days high of 32 today. 32 for tomorrow. 42 on wednesday. thursday up to 43. the next shower chance, rainfall for next weekend, we hope we have a better job of keeping up with the rain totals. right now, no real snow in the future just a few flakes today. happy birthday is my buddy, we kick into 2016 on a good note. lots of love out there for you. greg, ro, back to you. >> it is 2016, january 4, first
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monday back to work and once again, rosanna and i want to lose weight. these people look fit. rosanna: they are looking good. greg: again, under the coats what is going on. rosanna: maybe they have gained over the holidays. everyone does. greg: last month i saw a story in the new york times about a pollster who became an expert dieter, and he put his, here he is. this is what he looked like not too long ago. rosanna: 70 pounds ago. greg: this is now. he's metro sexual and cool. put up the book cover. rosanna: it is called fat burning machine, the 12 week diet. lose the belly and the sugar cravings and gain energy and over come the metabolic syndrome. greg: michael, welcome to "good day new york." >> good morning.
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that is a tough picture. greg: you are not an expert nutritionist, you are a political pollster? >> yes. i took the research that i used in my career and working on the campaigns of clintons and blookberg and put it to the issue i faced, weight gain. i couldn't stop. i wanted to have control of my weight. rosanna: how does your diet work? >> we want to turn people into fat burning machines and that means getting the right combination of the foods to flip the switch. leafy vegetables, proteins, which means good fat, avocados and coming together to burn the fat. >> how long did that take you? >> nine months. >> how much?
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>> going up to 300. >> did you have something happen, what happened? >> the doctor started to put me on meds. your cholesterol is going up, you can't control yourself. you need medications. i was active, i was living an active life. i was exercising and running. greg: you were that active looking like that? . rosanna: greg! >> i wept to a doctor and she diagnosed with me metabolic syndrome, the cholesterol and glucose was going up. rosanna: talk about breakfast, according to your diet, should
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hard boiled eggs or a fritatta? >> egg white fritatta is okay. stay away from the oatmeal. it is too much carbs. greg: by the way, how did you figure this out? >> doctors will give you medical advice. nutritionist, give you the nutrition advice and the trainers give training advice. i spoke to all three. and i sort of put it all together and like i would a political candidate, here is what you need to know to win. greg: you said something interesting about jeb bush, he's doing terrible in the polls,
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here he is in charge of florida. is. thin as a rail. observation. >> yes, jeb bush went on to the paleo diet and the problem by the end of the day you run out of energy and you bonk. that fuelled the problem, he needs to probably get more good fats. >> so donald trump is right about the low energy thing? >> he might be. that is why he looks like he doesn't have the energy. trump could use to calm down. one of the things if i were speaking to mr. trump, americans want confidence, they want you to be in control, and sometimes
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your court sol is raging. you have to tone it done. it is a hormone. inflammation causes weight gain. your body has to deal with the issue. rosanna: mike, talk about the specifics of the diet. do you have to give up fruit? >> you have to eat fruit in moderation. you have to give up the banana. rosanna: i have raw oatmeal in the morning. >> cut that down and have greek yogurt with it. you don't have to eliminate it, don't eat as much. >> what about alcohol? >> we like to party. look, we all like to party. you don't have to give it up, be aware that is slowing down your fat burning machine. maybe up stead of having of two
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>> you handle the democrats and the republicans? >> yes. >> do you think, i heard a rumor that the hillary people are freaking out about donald trump. >> the hillary people should be cautious with donald trump. what he's done, he's activated social media and created the trump wall, five million people supporting him and when wet g to national election, it is a tough race. hillary knows what he's doing and she has a strong base. it is a very good race. >> so getting back to book, it is all in here. every day what to have. suggested menus and stuff like that? >> yes, what is great about this, how you should exercise. miracle intervals if you walk,
9:19 am
45 seconds a little faster, 3 and a half minutes slower, and you lose the weight when going faster or slower? rosanna: it is a trick question, so slow. >> people over exercise. they exercise too hard. if you are into a sweat storm and exhausted you are not going to lose weight you come out hungry and overeating. rosanna: interesting. >> 30 minutes works well. greg: are you handling candidates right now? >> i'm doing political work. we are working for corporate clients. >> has your weight loss helped you professionally? >> yes, people who are in shape are taking more seriously. i didn't realize that when i was heavy. it has helped me. rosanna: you look more metro sexual.
9:20 am
i ran into him over the holiday as well. >> i was at the palm beach there. it was fun. >> with donald trump? >> no. rosanna's new year's eve. >> yes. greg: great, mike. put ub the book cover. by the way, that is not you on the cover? >> that is what i aspire to be. greg: it is honest. become a fat burning machine. mike, thanks a lot. >> congratulations. i saw him eat a crab cake. >> on vacation? >> i enjoyed the vacation. the food was delicious there. >> i gained five pounds. >> let's do it together. >> thank you. i'm going to check out the book.
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greg: five pounds. good for you. rosanna: there is a new movie out, carol, a lot of rave reviews. greg: this is about the older woman that hooks up a younger girl, in 1950s. rosanna: gay life in new york in 1952.
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greg: january 4th. the first monday back to work. i feel pretty good about 2016. rosanna: feeling positive? greg: pretty good. rosanna: i'm trying to stay positive. greg: i have movies to catch up on. i saw star wars twice. rosanna: i didn't see it. i saw carol. greg: take a look at the trailer, please. dearest,there are no accidents and no explanation i offer that will satisfy you. because you're young, but you will understand this one day.
9:25 am
>> how many times have you been in love? >> you are always the most beautiful woman in the room. >> carol. tell me you know what you are doing. >> i never did. >> she's still my wife. i love her. >> i can't help you with that. greg: have you figured out what is going on? here is the director, todd, welcome to "good day new york." >> thank you for having me. greg: they are having a lesbian relationship? >> they are figuring out the relationship. >> it is it is set in 1952, there are different morrays at that time. they are hesitant and they have to be careful. not everyone is accepting.
9:26 am
for this kind of love. more representation of gay males than women at this time. that is why this novel, the film is based on, the price of salt, had a special following. it was a very beloved piece of lesbian fiction. it was a window of hope. rosanna: we don't want to spoil it, is the movie true to book? >> true to spirit of the book. patricia is known for the crime fiction. she wrote stlang rangers on a train.
9:27 am
outside of that genere. thank you true to spirit of the book. >> hit it, please. >> i'm cold. >> i will make you some coffee. >> i'm not drunk. ie can't do this. >> yes, you can. >> what are you going to do? are you going to stay here with abbey over-christmas. what are you going to do, carol? i put nothing past women like you, carol. >> you married a woman like me. >> that guy appears to be a bit of a jerk. he's struggling, his wife
9:28 am
>> there is a great deal of sympathy brought to male characters. the book is harder on the men in the story. rosanna: let's talk about the scene where kate blanchette has the first experience together. was it difficult for the scene? >> kate blanchette was on board the project before i was. she was attached to the film. it was many, many years in the making. fiemly, the forces came together and brought her on board and they brought it to me. usuallily i write and develop my stuff and this came to me with kate already attached. i read the novel and the script
9:29 am
greg: you are talk about the sex scene? >> rosanna: yes. was it hard to film that? >> there was anxiety. some of the anxiety works in the process of the tensions and the subtly of what happens on the screen. rosanna: so rooney goes naked and kate, i noticed, you know, she's, whatever, was that intentional? >> this is also very much the story of an older woman, younger woman relationship. that brings its own conflicts to a relationship. greg: what is the age gap by the way? >> less in the novel than in real. it is about 15 years. greg: if you did that now, it is not much of a movie.
9:30 am
>> you need a reason why lovers can't be together in a love story to have the reason, a lot of great love stories are set in the past. rosanna: it is beautifully shot. set in 1952 in new york. and so it is fun to watch a period kind of movie and you did a beautiful job on the details. >> thank you. rosanna: congratulations, up for a golden globe nomination for directing. greg: fabulous. carol in theatres everywhere. did you see star wars? >> i have not yet. greg: man, you are going to love it. >> there are a lot of movies i am catching up on now. rosanna: congratulations. greg: what do you do with the dog when you go to store. rosanna: it is a dilemma.
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service that will take care of
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store for a couple of who doesn't like a good surprise?
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you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! at ny state of health you'll find many quality plans to choose from, help paying for your plan, a new essential plan at less than $1 a day for new yorkers with lower incomes. be surprised! visit or call 1-855-355-5777 to learn more. enrollment for 2016 is happening now. greg: what'd you say a quick
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rosanna: i would love a little coffee. greg: how this? what is this called? what do we have here? the fancy store. rosanna: i would love something from the fancy store. greg: we are going inside. rosanna: what are we going to do with winston. greg: you have to stay here. rosanna: we have to leave you outside while we shop. pole. rosanna: what are you doing with him? >> greg: i am tying him up. rosanna: say right there. greg: oh, boy. is this realistic or what? >> here come here, i will take you home with me. [laughter] there we go. he's really tied up. people are so mean. come on.
9:35 am
come on winston. greg: rosanna, i can't believe you gave the sales person a hard time. rosanna: where is winston. winston! greg: call 911. that was stupid. we are trying to illustrate a point, lately, oh gosh, so many dogs are taken from the poles stores. take a look at the box. this is a new campaign. it is a dog parker. they'll charge you a little bit of money, but guess what, your dog, they say, will be taken care of. rosanna: we shall going to meet the founder and ceo, chelsea. greg: what'd you think about the skit? >> it was a last minute decision and that reflects it.
9:36 am
rosanna: how does this work, by the way? >> it is a single dog house and placed on the sidewalk, right outside of the stores. that is so you don't have to tie the dog up to the pole. how much? >> $25 to join. 20 cents a minute. >> what does the dog think about the box? >> well, i was concerned that he might not do well in it. he's taken to the environment. rosanna: i have a question. >> sure. >> how does this work? if you have a dog in there bathroom. >> you have to be a member to open it. >> and what cleans it?
9:37 am
>> inside of the house, winston. close the door. >> come over here. >> get the leash out of the way. are you okay? no, no, back in the house. >> if you are another member's card, you are not able to gain access to the house. only your card will get it out. >> try your card. >> winston, i am going to liberate you. rosanna: who cleans the sni of this? >> we have a maintenance crew coming by once a day and if there are issues. we have been testing for two months. no issues so far. rosanna: no deposits in there?
9:38 am
they are enclosed. >> how many boxes out there? >> we have had several boxes out in brooklyn and deploying ten more houses in the coming weeks. >> you can't move the box and the dog? >> they are bolted down, yes. >> good point. that is important. what about cats? >> we don't have a cat parker at the moment. we have had people claiming they are going to start a group. dog >> it is not cheap by the way. right now, $12 an hour. >> we can deal with that. look inside of the box. he's fine with that. >> we want to show what it is like. go ahead, get in there. >> this is the small size.
9:39 am
>> think about it, sometimes they put a dog in a box and send them across the country. this is for coffee runs and going into the grocery store. >> you are a champion. have a seat. yeah. >> there you go. >> thank you, winston. >> nice idea, chelsea. >> you are going to be famous and rich. >> we are looking a hundred houses by the summer. now. >> nice to meet you. >> who likes the tmz? harvey and his friends, really, really they entertain us. a spinoff game show featuring one of their reports.
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relief doesn't get any better than this. snack a little bigger. >> the celebrity sidewalk interview.
9:43 am
tmz perfected this. seen weekdays on channel 5. this guy for years now, he kind of stalks them, but follows the celebrities and asks for compelling questions, sometimes the results can be traumatic for the parties, tmz, we love it. this is new, a spinoff show, a game show from the good people of tmz. you can watch it on channel 9. the host is adam. >> we see him all the time >> yes. nice to see you. >> talk about the game show. >> a lot of people think that the celebrities just go to the high end places, and they do, but they also go south, regular
9:44 am
basically, interesting places and with the film crew i talked to the people at the businesses, the customers and the merchants and they are giving me the clues about the celebrities and take the film packages to a restaurant, a popular soul food restaurant and the contestants are trying to guess what the celebrities based on the clues. we have an audience that is partying and eating, the place is legendary. >> what'd you win? >> money. greg: great energy there too. rosanna: can we play? >> let's do it. winner take two subway. like the restaurant. >> so we are going to watch it. >> let's see. >> where is the first time
9:45 am
people hear about this guy? >> he wrote for the simpsons. >> he start add talk show. >> late night. >> so this celebrity, do they have a memorable look? >> he has read hair. >> red hair. >> you can't miss it. >> i have the answer, conan o'brien. >> and the read hair and the poof. >> you are correct. conan. >> okay. what time? >> 5:30 p.m. five days a week, starts tonight. rosanna: we can play along at home? >> yes, it is a game and a show, a game show. nothing like it on tv.
9:46 am
a little like that. that is old school. listen, have you ever had an altercation with a celebrity? you guys, tmz, follow them through the airports, sometimes they don't want the see you, tell us about the worst engs peerns. >> one day i had a tip that lance armstrong was running through midtown and i was a little hung over and i ran after lance armstrong and by the time i caught up with lance armstrong, again, i was hung over and i was throwing up. that was a weird thing. lance, i'm going to throw up. he continuing on. >> man, a potentially viral moment. >> it was a favorite moment, but funny. >> we actually have a clip from
9:47 am
the show. let's see you in action. >> sure. >> welcome. [cheering] >> he's worked with tons of celebrities. chocolate, tall. gray now. >> denzel washington. >> you are right. >> you get the picture. you hang out with celebrities, are they like we think they are. sometimes they are more interesting, or dull, i don't know, you have a front row seat. >> i would say, you have to find out what is interesting about them. hey, what are you promoting,
9:48 am
what are you doing. if i ask them, a football player, hey, what do you think super bowl. i don't care about that, my question is in the locker room in the nfls group showers or individual showers. that is an interesting question. i want to know. are they wearing the bathing suits. rosanna: sometimes you provoke the star a little bit too. >> i look for a fun experience. i don't want to be the guy, i want to sleep at night. i want want to piss them off. i want to have fun interactions with them. i didn't grow up from this area, and i want to engage with them. i'm more about show casing them in a different light, and
9:49 am
>> don't party too much. on my 9 at 5:30. >> thank you. >> greg, it is january 4, four days into the new year's resolutions, part of it is exercising, are you ready? >> we are going to be rippemighty philistine army stood on the hill above the men of king saul. as the giant goliath moved in for the kill, young david reached into his bag and slung one of his stones at goliath' s head. and goliath fell face down on the ground.
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greg: oh boy, rosanna, this is like my fis ebbing. rosanna: it is not. greg: i'm hairy and i actually i have a little more color. you want to make adjustments? rosanna: yes, weight needs to be a top priority. greg: i have a fantasy of looking like this for six minutes around memorial day. a lot of us are this time of the year serious about the new year's resolutions. rosanna: we have to take off the holiday pounds. greg: put up the picture. women's healths. rosanna: we have jen with us, the fitness and director for
9:53 am
nice to have you with us. how do we stick with the resolutions? >> well, people tend to go over bard. greg like the six pack? >> well, instead all of nothing, adjust your expectations. number one resolution, i will work out 7 days a week. instead try to work out four days a week, prioritize the strength training, we are going to show you a great move you can do. great one is a goblet squad. here you can manage to use a little extra weight. >> why is it called a goblet squat? >> you are like holding a goblet. rosanna: some think weight train something bulking you up?
9:54 am
>> it helps you burn more fat. if you do strength training over cardioyou lose more body fat. >> number two? >> people say you know work out 7 days a week or add an hour to the workout. that is not realistic. instead, be more efficient with the time. you can do a reverse lunge. >> how many? >> ten or so. go straight into a by accept curl and press. >> no pain no gain.
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no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. >> thank you for liking us on facebook. >> women's health magazine. i read men's health. >> we are continuing the conversation with you coming up
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>> and thanks after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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